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Leading Company

As a leading company in the financial market, Hugo Trades brings together a team of true professionals. We are focused on maximising profits for investors and ensuring guaranteed returns.


Licensed Company

Hugo Trades is licensed and registered in the United Kingdom with company registration number 15041996.


Profitable Plan

Our investment plans help you to generate maximum profits with minimum amount of investment.


Asset Insurance

Your asset processes are insured against various risks, as client's funds are always backed.

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And Integrity

We are an international financial company engaged in investment activities, which are related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges performed by qualified professional traders. We focus on various aspect of finance and wealth management by providing access to over 4,000 funds and assets listed on the major capital markets.

  • Asset protection and advanced cyber-security system.

  • Portfolio management and diversification.

  • Environmentally friendly AI technologies.

  • Flexible market and trading conditions.

Hugo Trades

Powered With Creative Mind & Smart Executive Team

We’re by your side to help create a better future for you and those around you. our associates play an important role in serving you behind the scenes.

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Smart Features

Hugo Trades offers you a secure and intuitive platform to shape your financial future.

Fast Transaction

The use of small data language makes our platform one of the fastest in processing transactions.

Secure and Stable

Hugo Trades makes use of high level security such as Comodo essential-SSL security encryption.

Diversified portfolio

Our risk management approach is investing in every sector in order to give 100% guarantee to our investors.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Hugo Trades grants members direct access detailed analytics that empower you to make informed decisions.


Hugo Trades has a high level privacy system and will never share your data without your permission.

Expert Management

At Hugo Trades, we provide 24/7 customer support to all our clients through e-mail and our livechat system.


Modern Industrial Technologies

Our industrial technology meet the highest quality standards for modern development. They boast legal certificates that guarantee a sustainable and friendly approach to the market. In addition to creating new locales, the long-term goal is diversifying our portfolio.

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Top Services

Providing The Best Services

Invest in future technologies with Hugo Trades.

Real Estate

Real estate is a $217 trillion-dollar market making up almost 60% of all global wealth. It's the largest source of wealth, yet it is illiquid for 99% of the world today.


Gold is commonly seen as a great store of wealth, this precious metal is also known as a reliable safe-haven asset. With a rich history amongst almost all global cultures.

Medical Cannabis

We believe that the full benefits and potential of cannabis as a medical therapy are within our reach only through supply chain transparency.

Smart Trading Plans

We’ve been helping investors achieve what’s most important to them for years using the same straightforward investing philosophy.


Earn up to 2.0% daily income

  • $167 minimum
  • $500 maximum
  • 14% total income
  • 7 trading days
  • 10% affiliate bonus
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Earn up to 2.6% daily income

  • $1,000 minimum
  • $4,999 maximum
  • 18% total income
  • 7 trading days
  • 10% affiliate bonus
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Earn up to 3.6% daily income

  • $5,000 minimum
  • $9,999 maximum
  • 25% total income
  • 7 trading days
  • 10% affiliate bonus
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Earn up to 5.0% daily income

  • $10,000 minimum
  • $500,000 maximum
  • 35% total income
  • 7 trading days
  • 10% affiliate bonus
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We have the answers you’re looking for, in more ways than one. If you have any other questions, contact our live support system or email address.

Experience multipurpose investment services

Because Hugo Trades manages the asset themselves, investors can gain exposure to digital currency investing without any challenges. Our extremely responsive technology can react instantaneously, processing a large volume of transactions at the same time.